Weekly update: Aug 27

Well, I’ve decided to pretty much post my weekly updates here now since TFSC is a professional news site and I do not want to spam it with my regular updates.

First off, terribly sorry for not posting updates. My schedules are a little messed up and right now, I should be fine. I will still try to aim for 1 post a day since I am supposed to be on vacation.

I’ve had a wild week but hey, it’s great to be on the keyboard again. I’ve started to be even more active on the TFSC Twitter account and plan to dedicate a Tumblr account as well as a Steemit account.

We are 27.5% done recuperating the costs of TFSC and I am now continuing the recruitment of new writers. Pretty much I’ve decided that around 90% of all funding pretty much comes from Steemit posts and another like… 10% comes from ads. We are almost there and I am trying to work on other pet projects so if you want to help, you can be a writer. The reward is pretty bad because of the lack of funding but I am pretty sure we can negotiate things such as workshops, relaxed posting times, etc. Other than that, we are actually very successful.

We are always having an increasingly bigger amount of visitors each month so I’ve started the “guest post” button on the “about” tab to allow people to submit posts. Also, advertising space is available to purchase and we plan to add RSS feeds for individual categories such as Fintech, Tech, etc.

Honestly, I can no longer handle the interviews, book reviews, tech, finance, fintech, business and gaming sections on TFSC as well as the SEO and social media. I’m also running Adventure Bitcoin, the writing blog and working on several other projects. this is getting hilarious and I’ve noticed increased amounts of headaches.

I already have the article rates for writers and estimate it will be really cool to have a team but hard to pay. Shall we negotiate?

You can always email me at: admin@talesfromskycity.com for advice, questions and stuff like that. Well, I guess this is it for this week. Bye!

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