Earn BTC with StuffPoints?

Lately, I’ve been playing Entropia and I honestly am addicted to the game. As a result, I realized I needed a way to get PED to continue my adventures on Planet Calypso so I ran into some ideas. First, I could sell sweat and other things I got from hunting, or I could go and find other places to get PED. As a result, I found StuffPoints which does not only offer PED, but as well as Bitcoin withdrawals which I found rather interesting. Since the Bitcoin withdrawals are 10,000 Points for $10 in BTC, I started to look into it.

So far, I have gotten a slow start but I have signed up for Stuff Points for the goal of a review and maybe even redeem for Bitcoin. They actually offer many ways to earn points including daily tasks, videos, offers, surveys and even apps to install or play in your browser to earn Points. What I so far have not checked out is the email bonus points where they might send you points through email.

Overall, the website is rather easy to use and all you really need to do is look through the numerous offers to earn Points to find what fits you the best. Videos are hard to get but I just kept looking. Games on the website are actually challenging (something I did not expect) but pay high. In the entire website, pretty much surveys are your best option since it offers the most Points.

Another way to earn Points is through their social network fan club site, Fanaru. This website allows you to earn Points for doing what you normally do on social media, uploading stuff and sharing it. I am currently trying that out and even joined the Entropia Universe fan club on the website. Perhaps this is a more interesting way to earn than Steemit?

Well, if you want to check it out now, you can use my referral link to support me and let me finally do a full review and payment proof of StuffPoints.

Referral link: http://www.stuffpoints.com/index.php?r=242609

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