My Steemit Adventures: A new series!

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I got bored and since I haven’t been as active as I was months ago, I think I should be more active now with my new Steemit series (Steemit exclusive? Yes or No?). So, this pretty much is an occasional update on how my SteemPower is doing, what I plan on doing with my voting power and what posts I have planned.

Current status:
Right now, I am full steem ahead in voting and looking at cool posts everyday because Steemit is actually where you can find some of the most unusual posts. For example, I enjoy¬†@elyaque‘s daily Steem reports and other posts and initiatives that let Steemians participate and pretty much make Steemit the lovely platform it is.

My largest problem is that I am upvoting too often. I myself can go through numerous posts in a day, see which one to upvote but as I keep voting, my voting power diminishes temporarily like a “cool down” thing. SteemStats says I have about 56% voting power and I should probably stop for a while and work on my series.

Post plans:
I want to write some posts that viewers will enjoy, maybe some interviews, articles and some things related to my recent adventures in Entropia Universe. Debating whether to put something on my personal “editorial calendar” specifically for Steemit every week. These posts will have to be squished into 4 other things through my week though (since I run Adventure Bitcoin and Techiskey).

The next post should be scheduled for next week on Saturday EST so it should give me some time to plan it all out. Maybe even during the week, there might be another post.

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