My Steemit Adventures: Powering up!

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For the first time in several months, I actually powered up. Steem isn’t doing well and I think I need to do my part in powering up and keeping it awesome. I wanted some liquid Steem rather than some hard to withdraw Steem but I think it would be more rewarding to power up and increase my voting power. A total of around 66 Steem has been powered up by me and now I have around 531 SteemPower. This should give me more voting power and can help me reward authors more.

I can see that after the hard fork, Steem rose because everyone powered up, as well as slowed down trading but right now, I can see that trading has risen again and more Steem is being sold so I encourage powering up. It only takes ~3 months to power down so powering up doesn’t need 2 years. Since Steem isn’t going up, I might as well just keep it as SteemPower and power down later as Steem retains a decent position.

Should you power down or up?
I would hate to recommend but I am powering up because of the 13 week power down time. That is it. Not 2 years, within 3 months, you could have your entire SteemPower “withdrawable”. Powering up would probably reward the Steemit community and I believe there is some sort of interest on SteemPower.

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